Weekly Shot 2 — Supercharge your Computer

Continuing the Supercharge series, in this week’s article we’ll be taking a look at some tools for your computer which will make your productivity take a leap. All the software mentioned is free to use :)

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Capture2Text — Copy text from images with a single shortcut.

Ditto — Save clipboard history including images, text, links etc.

Process Lasso — Automatically adjusts your processes and CPU parameters to make your system responsive at all times.

TreeSize Free— Visualize and sort files according to size to quickly see what’s taking up space and clear it.

TeraCopy — Alternative to Windows file copier which will save you from accidental copying and copying errors.

Everything — System wide file searcher which is way faster than built-in windows search.


Writing an online exam where your professor gave the questions in images so you can’t copy the text directly to search it? Your savior : Capture2Text. It is a handy tool to quickly capture text from an image on the screen or capture text from areas where copying text is disabled. It can be activated with a single shortcut (default shortcut is windows+Q) and the captured text can be immediately copied to the clipboard. Download from here.


Let’s face it, we copy paste a lot of things these days. Sometimes, I’d like to go back and re-use something I had copied a while ago. This is where clipboard history comes in. Windows 10 now has an in-built clipboard history manager (windows + v) but it has a limited amount of history which it can store. Ditto on the hand has a customizable limit to the amount of copied times to store. Download from here.

Process Lasso

Ever feel like your computer doesn’t seem to be as snappy as it should be even though you have nothing heavy running? Or does your system get really slow when an application starts using a lot of resources?

Process Lasso’s headline feature — Pro Balance automatically adjusts process priorities to retain system responsiveness even during high workload scenarios.

Pro Tip: I’d recommend excluding Discord.exe and any IDE you use (for example JetBrains Webstorm) since priority throttling can sometimes cause these programs to misbehave.

Process Lasso also has idle saver (automatically switches to a lower power profile when idle), automation rules to run specific applications with desired properties like power plan, CPU affinities etc. Download here.

Covering Process Lasso through its entirety is a whole other article in itself. Let us know if that’s something you would be interested in.

TreeSize Free

At some point or the other, storage fills up and it’s time to delete those unused and large files. TreeSize Free makes that process a lot simpler by automatically scanning and sorting the files in a directory and its subfolders in order of space used/last modified. There’s also a treemap chart to visualize disk space usage. Download here.


There have been so many times where I leave a large copy operation only to see it find that after a few hours, it has copied nothing because it got stuck on an error in the beginning. There are also instances where files copied are corrupted and I have to recopy all the files again. Then there’s the issue of accidental drag-n-dropping files into a different location.

All these issues are what Teracopy aims to fix. It also has a lot more features including the ones above. Get it through this link.


Windows search sucks, plain and simple. It takes up way too many resources indexing files and doesn’t find the required file half the time. Everything does what windows search actually needs to do - comprehensive and deep search results instantaneously with absolutely no background indexing. Download here.

That’s it for this week’s Weekly Shot. Come back on next Sunday for more tech goodness. Consider supporting us through Patreon or Buymeacoffee if that’s something you are interested in. Thanks :)



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