Weekly Shot 3 - Piracy Websites (Movie Edition)

Weekly Shot
4 min readMay 23, 2021


On this week’s weekly shot, we have something which is essential during this time of lockdowns and quarantines- Movies. We’ve gone through and compiled all the best free online movie streaming and downloading websites for you to enjoy.

A friendly reminder before delving into any of these sites -

  1. Always make sure you are using anti-virus software in case of any potential malware that any of these files may contain even though these sites have been tested for legitimacy.
  2. It is also recommended that you use a VPN to access these websites since piracy is not exactly legal even though in most cases no action is taken.
  3. Definitely use the ad-blocker(s) recommended in a previous article.

I’ll be dividing these sites into two categories - Streaming and Downloading. Without further ado, let’s dive in.



The standout feature of HiMovies is its enormous content library. It contains movies and TV series spanning a variety of genres and languages. It usually offers a few server options per movie so that you always find a stable one for your connection. It has a very clean UI with default dark mode (always a plus point in my books).

Moreover, it also has an app that, with a quick sign-up, offers ad-free viewing. It too has a very user-friendly UI and also offers a download option. Definitely has to be checked out.


One of the more popular options, FMovies undoubtedly has the best-looking UI of any free movie streaming site out there. Constantly updated content and dedicated moderators make it a fan favorite. It has pretty much every feature you can expect such as multiple servers, inbuilt subtitles in multiple languages, HD quality content, movie requests, watch list, etc. It checks every box and does all the important things right. A big thumbs-up.


One of the more underrated options out there, TheMovieBay, apart from all the usual features, provides details on the cast such as movies they’ve done and similar movies. This is a feature I haven’t found on any other website. This feature enables TheMovieBay to have a good movie recommendation system as well. It also has a UI that is very simple and provides all the necessary details at a glance. Try it out for sure.

Honourable mentions - batFLIX, soap2day


These websites usually have non-user-friendly UIs and that can be a big turn-off for a lot of people. Therefore, I have only selected ones that go fairly easy on the eye without compromising much on features.


A very popular option among movie downloading fanatics. Among the movie downloading sites, hevcbay takes the least time to get the latest movies. The movies are re-encoded to H.265 which is to say the size of the file is reduced without a significant hit to quality. It has dedicated moderators who do a good job keeping the site up and running with telegram channels as well.


snahp boasts of the largest content library among its competitors. It has movies and TV shows in a lot of languages and genres along with a fair amount of music and anime content as well. It also provides very detailed information about each file from its video codec and format to its bitrate and framerate. It has very high-quality content including and up to 4K HDR formats. Definitely worth checking out.


MovieParadise, among its competitors, is the closest looking website to a movie streaming website. It has a nice UI and is very well organized according to release year, genre, and ratings. If you want a site where you can quickly search up a movie and download it, without having to spend time trying to figure out everything on the screen, then this is the ideal site for you.

Honourable mentions - rarefilmm, crazy4tv, x265club

That’s all we have for this week’s weekly shot. We hope you really like using these sites. If you think we missed out on any other websites, do let us know in the responses. Also please consider supporting us through our Patreon and buymeacoffee pages.



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